How it started…

That’s me on set playing a news anchor. Even in the movies, I get cast as an information-sharer. It’s probably no accident; I’m all about finding and sharing useful and important information. Helping people comes natural to me; I am supportive by nature and I love seeing those around me thrive and succeed.

I have a passion for research and digging deep into the subject matters that interest me, whether it’s personal finances, the Enlightenment era, or even knowing about avalanche safety! Ultimately, I’m like Daenerys Targaryen (before she went mad); I want to leave the world better than I left it. For me, that means helping people get to the bottom of the things they want to pursue, so they can create a plan that is steeped in reality and conducive to succeeding. In this way, the Get Clever About series is all about empowering responsibly.

The seed for this series was planted when I wrote a secret blog about voice acting. When aspiring voice actors came to me for advice about their acting careers, I would share it with them in the hopes that it would give them a realistic picture of the industry. I wanted it to help them decide whether it made sense for them to pursue an acting career behind the microphone given their circumstances, their natural abilities, and what it takes to succeed. As the years went on, friends encouraged me to write a book. Since I’ve always been an avid note-taker, and because journaling has been a part of my life since I could hold a pen, I loved the idea, but I didn’t quite have the discipline (and chutzpah) to write a book yet.

When I moved to Los Angeles from Canada in 2013, I started collecting notes about my move. In time, I realized those notes could be helpful to other Canadian actors considering the move. I finally made the commitment to turn my observations into an e-book series after meeting a fellow Montrealer who was moving to Los Angeles. Overwhelmed by all the moving parts, she reminded me of the pain such a big transition can cause when we aren’t as prepared as we could be, and when our expectations aren’t steeped in reality.

I wrote the Get Clever series to help other transplanted Canadians to thrive in Los Angeles as I have. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Since my goal is to make these e-books the best they can possibly be, your perspective and input are important to me. I’ll be very grateful to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and feedback. You are welcome to email me (my contact is in the footer). Thank you for reading and Godspeed to you in all your plans!