Will A.I. Voices Take Voice Actor’s Jobs?

If you’re a voice actor or voice talent and you’re in various voice over groups on Facebook, you might have run into posts mentioning Speechelo, a company that offers text-to-speech (i.e. A.I. voices) at a low price. The idea is that you can enter the text you want voiced, and tada! You’ll have a great, […]


What is Source Connect and Why Voice Actors May Need it

Source Connect (SC) is a technology that was created by a company called Source-Elements. As it concerns us VO talents, there are two versions of the technology: Source-Connect Standard (paid version) and Source-Connect Now (free). If you’re recording voice acting auditions these days, whether through agents or pay to play sites, you’ve heard the term. […]

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The Perfect Self-Tape Audition Kit (and Why Every Actor Needs One)

There’s no question that this pandemic has been difficult for actors. Many have lost their restaurant jobs and are wondering if working in restaurants will ever make sense again. For those who are able to stick it out, one thing is for sure: the pandemic is accelerating certain trends that were already taking hold and […]


Being an Actor and Working on Set in a Pandemic

As my first e-book is being released, the world is slowly emerging from a blanket of stay-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. At the time of this writing, the industry is still (mostly) on hiatus and many unions, networks, and studio executives are working on solutions that will enable productions to resume. Many [...]
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One Thing That Will Change Your Acting Career, Forever

I’ll go right out and say it: I’m not where I want to be in my career. I realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be when I started watching Homeland, the TV show with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Claire Danes gives riveting performances in every single scene, in every single show, for seasons […]

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How to Find the Best Acting Teacher in Los Angeles (for You) 

Life as an actor is hard enough – you don’t need an incompetent or mean acting teacher to make it worse.  As someone who didn’t attend formal acting training, I’ve always had to be on the lookout for a great acting school/teacher. Even though I work full time (primarily in the voice over sector these […]

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The 3 Things That Will Get Us Hired As Actors In Los Angeles

If you’re like me, you love acting and you couldn’t imagine doing any other job, but you aren’t where you feel you could be. In other words, we aren’t getting hired enough. Let’s break down the main aspects that have an impact on our bottom line. For some of us, not being where we could […]


The Truth About Voice Acting In Los Angeles

People often ask me how I got into voice acting, and I always joke and say “it was an accident!” Truth is, I happened to be at the right place at the right time, and I held on because it was my ticket out of trouble. I also happened to be a trained actress who […]