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Will A.I. Voices Take Voice Actor’s Jobs?

If you’re a voice actor or voice talent and you’re in various voice over groups on Facebook, you might have run into posts mentioning Speechelo, a company that offers text-to-speech (i.e. A.I. voices) at a low price. The idea is that you can enter the text you want voiced, and tada! You’ll have a great, […]


What is Source Connect and Why Voice Actors May Need it

Source Connect (SC) is a technology that was created by a company called Source-Elements. As it concerns us VO talents, there are two versions of the technology: Source-Connect Standard (paid version) and Source-Connect Now (free). If you’re recording voice acting auditions these days, whether through agents or pay to play sites, you’ve heard the term. […]


The Truth About Voice Acting In Los Angeles

People often ask me how I got into voice acting, and I always joke and say “it was an accident!” Truth is, I happened to be at the right place at the right time, and I held on because it was my ticket out of trouble. I also happened to be a trained actress who […]